Pre-Natal Yoga Class Options

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Claudia tailors all her classes to meet the physical and emotional health concerns that arise for all of her students. Throughout her classes, breathing techniques and creative visualization techniques are incorporated, which will prove to be powerful allies during labor and delivery.

Some of the benefits of her yoga classes include:
~Reducing stress by learning breathing techniques
~Assisting the ever-changing pregnant body to stay strong and flexible
~Relieving fatigue, backache, headache, insomnia, digestive disorders and sciatica
~Strengthening the endocrine and nervous systems
~Increasing circulation (more nutrients to your baby!) and build overall strength and stamina
~Focusing on poses that are known to assist with preparation for childbirth
~Helping to create a sense of balance, perspective, confidence and joy

Below is a picture of me(Claudia) at 5 months and my little girl and I when we brought her home:) When the time arrived I was in active labor for 4 days. No medication was used and I found the breathing and meditations to be extremely helpful. I wanted a natural delivery so I went with The Birthing Center in Chapel Hill. It was the ride of my life and I embraced every second and every contraction. It was all worth it. My Mantra- I can do this! I will do this! I was born for this! And it worked! Victoria Nahuel was born on our exact due date of April 11th, 2013 at 12:03 am.


Claudia also offers private sessions working with expecting couples showing how partners can play a relaxing role for the expecting mothers. She gives hand out meditations that she found useful along with assistance in communication of partners during this beautiful moment. “I found that trusting my my husband Chris and his guidance for me made the experience more awesome and connected us more. To breathe with him and deliver this sweet life with his guidance brought us more closer connected.”-Claudia


“Taking your class is a fulfilling experience on so many different levels. The physical challenge and discovery I feel have given me great optimism about my health. The sensory experience is extraordinary – from the scents to the music to the lovely setting to the sound of your soothing and colorful voice – it’s gratifying just to be there. On an emotional level, there never fails to be a sense of camaraderie with other students, whether I know them or not, and your warmth and humor and support bring so much. Finally, for me, the spiritual level is supported as well. That has partly to do with how each person approaches their practice, I suppose, but you create the space and support to allow deep spiritual feelings during the class.” ~ Julie B.


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