RNCY 200hour Teacher Training Graduates

Raleigh NC Yoga has been offering 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training since 2011. Below you will be able to see all of our graduates thru the years. Some chose training to enrich their practice, some decided they wanted to teach, and some chose to pursue further careers and education in either Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga. It has been an honor to guide all of my students and hope they will continue to practice mindfulness on and off the mat.

Graduates of May 2011

Chris Chambers (co-Owner of Raleigh NC Yoga)








Erin Fish






Holli Keeler






Katherine Hedrick






Patricia Wigington






Diana Kostigen





Graduates of Aug 2011

Amanda Soltes






Issy Benitez






Donna Koester Garrison





Graduate of 2012  

Sarah Schneider






Casey Giovinco






Kathleen Kelly






Jordana Adler








Michelle Myrick





natalie jNatalie Johnson


Sandra Meyerhoffer









Melissa Benelisha








Mehgan Simpson








Robin Vuchnich










Jillian Cleveland








Nancy McMillan









Josh Thomas







judith 2013

Judith Phillips








2013 Graduates:

Caroline Allen






Jennifer ShraderWilliams


Lauren Loy







Janine V.Brittany M.









2014 Graduates


2014 graduates


Wendy Bradley & Mary Hilker








Macarena Gallardo / Macky G
Cameron Morrison McLauchlin






Malaika King Albrecht






Master Rella Haire






Lea Alston


Clare Carbonaro






2015 Graduates
2014 GRAD
Lisa Henry. , Lillian Williams. , Stephanie Barnhill











Emily Rose










Larae & Linda

Larae Butcher & Linda Anderson


rachelRachel Alexandria Andrews







2016 Graduates

Corrine Vinning-Wise






Anthony Tony Middleton






2017 Graduates

Allison Yost






Jackie Fannell






Angie Mahbooba






Jessica Lynn