• What is SPINE Academia?

SPINE Academia is a year-long immersive, explorative adult camp in self-discovery and self-care. It will provide foundational actions and practices to help you find – and live – your purpose. 

  • Why SPINE?

SPINE Academia is designed to cultivate the aspects of our lives that nurture our true self. We will focus on practices that maintain the health of our wholistic (there are no holes here) wellbeing, focusing on the following essential aspects of ourselves:




Nature (which covers nutrition & nature)


  • Who should sign up for SPINE Academia?

SPINE Academia is open to women of all ages, shapes and sizes interested in finding balance in their lives and taking responsibility for caring for their authentic self. If you are intrigued by what SPINE has to offer, you are a good candidate.

  • Who should not sign up for SPINE Academia?

You should not sign up if you are not ready to do the hard work of self-discovery – beyond talking. If you are still blaming others for a lack of balance or center in your life and are not yet ready to take responsibility for your life and actions, this course is not for you.

  • Who are the instructors of SPINE Academia classes?
    Claudia Chambers, E-RYT
    Patricia Pace –Conflict & Hoarding Trauma in our Bodies
    Cowboy Jim Thomas – Moving into our Fear in Relations with Prey animal
    Shawn RamseySeeing Yourself Through Nature’s Lens
    Cermonialist Sophia Collett – Moon Cycles, Earth, Gardening
    Summer Hunt Goldstein- Herbal Tea and Nutrition
    Nurse Jaqueline Lyon – Yonit! Own your Yoni Powers. Mirror Mirror on the Floor, I am         not your Madonna, I am not your whore.
  • Where will Spine Academia be held?

SPINE Academia will be held at various outdoor locations around the Triangle. You will be responsible for transportation to each location.

  • What is included in my class fee?

Your tuition covers instruction for 54 in-person hours of sacred space held by Claudia.

An additional fee of roughly $25 will be expected for guest guides.

  • What supplies are required? What will I be expected to buy?

Students will be making their own books or journals to chronicle their journey to the self. You will need to bring your own art supplies – paper, journal, pens, scissors, glue, and whatever else you like to use – to complete your book.

We will also be sculpting and painting. You can purchase whatever types of these supplies you would like.

For the photography class, you can use any camera you have or your phone.

  • Is food provided? If so, can specific diets be accommodated? 

Class meetings will take place on Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. Please bring any food and beverage that you would like during that time.

  • What COVID safety measures are being employed to keep us safe?

We will be meeting outside. Where social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between each student, is not possible, masks covering the nose and mouth will be required.

  • What is the inclement weather policy?

We will meet unless conditions are unsafe to do so. These calls will be made the day of class and communicated via text to students. We will make up any missed classes. 

Class will only be cancelled in extreme weather. Part of SPINE Academia is getting out of our comfort zones.  Please dress for the weather, be it warm, sunny, wet, cold or any safe combination thereof.

  • Will there be an online option?


  • If I have to miss a session, will it be recorded?

No. If you have to miss a session, a class outline will be provided, but the actual class will not be recorded.

  • Do I have to sign up for the full year, or can I take sessions individually?

Yes, SPINE Academia is a year-long commitment.

The drop-in rate for some classes, if offered, will likely be around $65.

  • Is a payment plan available?

Yes, you can pay tuition in three payments before December 20th.

  • Will I receive any kind of credential for completing the course?

The goal of SPINE Academia is to acquaint students with their authentic selves. Knowing yourself is what you will get out of this.

  • Does SPINE Academia meet Yoga Alliance’s requirements for CE hours RYTs?

For some sessions, CE credits may apply for any RYTs. Those interested should consult with Claudia to receive credit.