Spring is here! …

…And with it we welcome new growth, schedule changes, and transformative events…

I am 3 months into Massage Training and learning more each time. I have been reaching out to other yoga instructors and asking which muscles they cue and have received an array of answers. I always go back to Rudy, who taught me that we should be able to consciously activate individual muscles, at least the voluntary ones. So, I pull out my DaVinci images and show students where they should be feeling what in order to better understand how their bodies move. It has been lovely to see them put the pieces together. And that is what life is like, a whole bunch of puzzle pieces that need to be put back together, so we can see ourselves as whole. There have been glimpses of who we are throughout our lives and theses glimpses resonant into our very essences. When we acknowledge our body as the vessel that carries us through our journey, we can understand our truth and what we have to offer.
Yoga is mind-body connection. Yoga is knowing your true Self. Yoga is Love.
I freakin’ love it all!!!!

So with that said, we have a few changes happening:
I, Claudia will now be teaching Mondays at 10 am and Thursdays at 6:30 pm.
Allison’s next restorative workshop is March 23rd from 6-8pm.
This event is held once a month and you can find details on Facebook.
Register now for both of these events using Vagaro!

In the meantime, if you need some one-on-one attention, whether it be Reiki, Thai Reiki, Tarot, 8 Limbs, or Private Instruction, place a phone call to 919-633-8999 and let’s connect!

Have a Fabulous Day!
Namaste y Maktub.
~ Claudia


Reiki Level 1 Training
Taught by Sophia, RMT for a duration of two days:
May 19th 3-8PM and May 20th 11-4PM.
Sophia has been a Reiki Master Teacher for over a decade and has attuned and taught students from all backgrounds. She is currently a Massage Therapist in Raleigh and has incorporated Reiki into her massage practice.

Sisters of the Moon  – DATE CHANGE
April 17th, 7:30 – 9:30PM
Join us as the moon wanes to go into the March New Moon. We will be celebrating with a shedding fire ceremony and rebuilding our divine temples in the form of clay. We will set our intentions for new beginnings with our hands. Libations, music, and dance will accompany our ceremonial work.

Yoga Teacher Training
March 24 – Sept 8
YTT is a journey like no other. It is challenging, informative, eye-opening, and rewarding. Our foundational course covers all of the beautiful gifts that yoga has to offer. You will learn about the foundations of yoga, breathing, alignment, anatomy, modifications, corrections, Sanskrit, business aspects, and most of all…how to teach.


Mindful Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreat

Dates: April 29th, 2018
Times: 2-6pm
Early Bird Special: $100

We now have RNCY logo goodies!
T-shirts and stickers
are available for purchase.
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