Terruñio Tuesdays

Terruñio Tuesdays for me are about “Comprehending in order to Transcend”. Acknowledging and Understanding our Roots is essential for our lives. Terruñio meaning of the Earth and with a fertile soil so much can grow. Placement of your feet is so important. I used to walk and stand on the outsides of my feet and it is a process to rescuplture them so I am able to prevent future ailments. Everything is a process and moderation is mandatory. Planting all 4 corners of the feet down help remove pressure all the way into the hips and how your lower back. I know aging gracefully is not always taught as much as what pharmaceutical to use, but I am determined on finding that balance within myself by educating how our muscles and feet carry us.
For almost 30 years now, I have massaged my feet and thanked them every night for carrying me thru life. The least I can do for them since they are my very foundation.

Watch a few details you can apply to your feet.