The Art of Communication

They say your actions speak louder than words. Truth/Satya can be expressed by words, but I have found truth to be essentially displayed thru act. Act of love, following thru, and really doing what you say. We can always change our minds, but with yoga we learn to speak the truth with kindness. Recently, I had an experience where the words of one person shifted my understanding of them. ¬†When our ego attaches to our emotions we can no longer understand or communicate what “is” and then we cheat ourselves and others of learning, growing, accepting, and loving. Let’s keep it simple. Time is valuable. Families and friends are valuable. Strangers are valuable. Be kind, be true with kindness. Connect. Love. Keep it simple and real. As a Mother and Teacher, I set the example of truth for my creation. If I speak one way and show her another then what have I taught her? #NAMASTE