The Best Advice for Staying Strong in Your Senior Years by Karen Weeks

The Best Advice for Staying Strong in Your Senior Years

We often associate aging with wisdom, but there are other great things we can associate with growing older. With a handful of good habits, we can help our bodies and minds stay strong. Here’s what to do to ensure that your golden years are your best ones yet.

Cover Your Essentials

Making healthy choices is a must throughout life, and sometimes in our later years, that means determining how we can stay independent. As the years roll on, sometimes there are some important care concerns that become challenging. In this case, your best choice might be getting some assistance. That might come from a close friend or relative, or it might come in the form of an assisted living community.

Assisted living communities are sometimes mistaken for nursing homes. The level of care in assisted living is oriented for those who still enjoy general self-sufficiency yet require help with some daily essentials, such as dressing, washing, and using the toilet. On top of that, they often have enriching amenities, like group activities, on-site gyms, and transportation.

If you’re contemplating this option, a little research can go a long way. Facilities vary greatly, both in terms of living arrangements and what they provide. The cost also varies but isn’t necessarily reflective of quality. To make your search easier, take advantage of the helpful information available online. For example, A Place for Mom works with 48 different assisted living facilities in the Raleigh area, which can help you make an informed decision about which facility works best for your comfort level and lifestyle.

Stay Active

Exercise is a must at any age, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point out that seniors can benefit from even moderate activity. One great choice is yoga, thanks to the versatility it provides, and the many health perks it brings. It can be done vigorously or slowly, it promotes strength and flexibility, can boost bone health, and improve mental sharpness. You can even modify poses to perform them in a seated position.

Beyond the poses themselves, yoga is also flexible in that it can be performed nearly anywhere. You just need some basic equipment, like a mat, some blocks, and a bolster, and you can add apps to your phone for guidance and ideas, like Chair Yoga or Yoga for Seniors and Adults. Dress comfortably, and find a quiet space where you can stretch out.

Touch base with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program, and for those who are new to yoga, consider getting some instruction so you perform poses correctly. While yoga is a gentle exercise, you don’t want to strain something by not moving correctly.

Stay Connected

There are some basic connections we all require, yet it can be easy to lose touch with them. One of those connections is with ourselves. Living in a rushed world with devices glowing everywhere we turn, we can get lost at any phase in life. So, plan on adding meditation to your days. Mindworks notes seniors can help ward off Alzheimer’s, sharpen their focus, and enjoy steadier moods through meditation, and there are apps and podcasts to make it easy.

It’s also important to maintain your connection with others throughout life. We are designed to be social beings, and when we become isolated, that can lead to trouble, especially for seniors. Loneliness in older adults can contribute to issues like heart disease, reduced immune function, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. Make sure you stay in touch with others by participating in hobbies, getting to know your neighbors, and volunteering in your community.

Lastly, at all stages in life, we should maintain a connection with nature, and as an older adult, that connection can be beneficial. Being in the outdoors is linked with things like reduced inflammation, improved memory, and enhanced immune function. It doesn’t need to be complicated; just spend time working in your garden or playing with your dog.

Are you ready to be older, wiser, and stronger? Cover your essentials, stay active, and stay connected. These simple practices can help ensure your senior years are truly golden.

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