Who Wears The Crown?

~ Claudia
And like a Queen, I sit patiently and quietly in my little castle wearing my Crown and observing mindfully the world around me.
The Fires have burned and the Earth has shaken
We are now Silent Earth Warriors
Waiting “patiently” until the Tides Turn
And the Winds carry off the new seeds that have not yet made their ways into the Fertile Soil of our Future…..

Just about a month ago, I took a Leap with 20 other students (who are my best teachers) to begin all over again with “Beginner’s Eyes”, as together we renewed our commitment to self-care and mindbody connection.

I have learned to be very mindful with my words because the Universe listens very well. It seems to have taken my request to begin again to heart. The Universe is called “The Great Spirit ” in my book. The Great Spirit is EVERYWHERE, not just the outside world but within us. The mysterious ways that life happens has been written (Maktub) and I have vowed as a child to honor its language in many different ways. Whether it is The Great Spirit whispering to me in the Standing People/Trees or the vibrations that cause a bit of commotion as it hits the concrete jungle that is beginning to encircle us.

We know that these times can be tricky for us all. Now, more than ever before, it is essential to honor and work on your mindbody connection. We have reached a different paradigm in the Universe, where our abilities to evolve with our species and those around must be applied. Mother Nature has existed way long before us and knows how to create balance. We can learn from her. Trust and time is so important. Understanding and embracing ourselves will only move us forward in better understanding our connections and appreciations of the outside world, making life’s transitions easier.

In an effort to support your Consistent commitment to Self Care, we are offering a discount towards our online classes. Classes are currently online thru FB Live by love donations at our scheduled times until March 28th.  You can also find some videos on our y Respira You Tube Page for further viewing. I will be adding notes to the videos to let you know if the class is Fiery or Grounding, so you know what to do when you need to release some stress.

Beginning March 29th, 1 month from our original Leap Day Promotion I will be shifting most of our Live classes and a number of other offerings to our y Respira Private Member Page, accessible to members only. If you are not yet a member, please join us, as we make this Leap into our new reality together. With our current situation in mind, we have tailored the online memberships/packages to ensure we continue delivering the level of service and intimacy our clients have come to expect from y Respira. There are a number of options available. If you need help determining which one might be best for you, please let us know.

For Unlimited Memberships, I will be catering to your specific requests and needs regarding stress and ailments. Your commitment to Ongoing Self Preservation is a priority, and helps guide me in this difficult time. As an y Respira Member, I am available by phone, text, email to help personally guide you in living your Yoga, on and off the mat, during these times. We can schedule one-on-one phone or video check-ins as needed. But, even a 5-minute phone call to work on breathing or assign homework on self-care will help.

I am scheduling my Tuesdays and Thursdays for Members & Package Holders who want to participate in “A Conversation with Claudia y Communidad” from 5:45-6:15pm. Here, we can maintain our connection, as part of the y Respira community, through moderation and sharing:) There will also be an option to do this on Skype.

If you are not yet a y Respira Member or Package holder, we are offering the opportunity to join us in our community. Please know that classes are still offered by donation thru Paypal as a basis to help financially until March 28th. And, I will continue to share a limited number of classes and videos for love donations, during this time. But, we encourage you to consider our Membership and Package options which includes access to
 y Respira Private Member Page thru FB.  

3 Ways to Join the Private Members Page if you are not already a member.
1. Click Here and register for the Crown Membership  or one of our Lunar or Soleil Package
2. Give me a call if you have any questions or want to hear my voice before registering and I can get you registered over the phone. 919-633-8999
3. Send me an email to let me know you want in on the membership and I will add you in the system (if we have your payment details on file) and then send you an invite to the Private FB Group. yrespiraraleighncyoga@gmail.com or claudia@raleighncyoga.com

We are in this together. It is about beginning anew.
Evolving into the Strongest Earth Warriors there will ever be!

in the meantime, we must brace one another thru our new dendrites
creeping slowly where we cannot be seen or felt.
The connections are lost and found again thru one act.
Placing our Crowns back into the hands of Time
breathing into Unison with all that exists
An honoring of surrender to the Great Spirit as Soleil contiues to Rise to give Life to all that is precious
…y Respira…

~ Maktub
Claudia y Crew