Restorative Workshop w/ Allison

 Free yourself from Summer’s heat in this restorative cooling workshop with Allison Yost. Deep and

relaxing stretches to release the sension in your mindbody. $25 for members $30 for non members

 Friday, July 27th

Vision Board Workshop

Join us for a an evening of vision setting, crafting, and fun! We’ll start the session by sharing some tips for creating your vision board, and at the end of the night, participants will have the option of sharing their boards with the group. Vision boards are a powerful way to focus energy on manifesting the positive changes you want to achieve in your life. Each participant will create a personalized vision board based on their personal goals. You’ll take your board home with you and display it somewhere so you can see it frequently for inspiration and motivation. We’ll also be scheduling follow-up sessions for accountability, sharing, and adjusting our boards as needed.  Please feel free to bring any personal items such as photos or trinkets that you’d like to include on your board.

Dates : July 28th, Aug 25th, October 6th, November 10th, Dec 1st, Jan 5th, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 6th, May 4th, June 1st.

Friday’s 7:30pm

$10 Fee/ session to cover supplies (poster board, scissors, glue, markers, magazines) and pizza

Workshop Series 8 Limbs of Yoga Off the Mat

We’ll use the practices of journaling, yoga postures, breathing exercises, open-lectures, essay topics for self contemplation (topics to include your personal experiences), setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, and walking meditation to explore the 8-limbs and to have as tools in our practice of yoga on and off the mat. Meets Every Sunday for 4 Weeks. 1.15 Group Discussion followed by 1 hr Yoga on the Mat Practice
Sunday Session dates: April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
4 week Series $120




Yoga & Horses for Teens w/ Allison & Claudia

We are excited to be hosting a small (max 4 students) yoga and horse retreat just for teens! Horses are incredible teachers, as they show us how to view the world from a different perspective, and provide insight on the importance of relationships and energy. No animal is better at living in the moment than a horse, and that is a skill we humans can all stand to improve on. This mini retreat will include a ground practice to warm up, some poses by the horses to connect with their energy, and some mounted poses to learn more about trust and focus.
Sunday, September 17th
Fee: $75

Restorative Workshop w/ Allison

This course will explore the importance and benefits of restorative yoga. Long-held, mild, supported asanas bring balance to the nervous system and help relieve the physical and emotional side effects of stress.
Learn how to set up and teach several key, deeply restorative postures to incorporate into your practice and classes. Explore the use of props in creating the most effective postures. $25 for members $30 for non-members
September 22nd
6-8 PM

Ongoing Yoga & Horseback Riding
followed by Gourmet Meal Retreat

Why Yoga and Horses?
Yoga is meant to connect mind body using breath work. The poses allow us to release stuff we have physically hoarded into our bodies. They allow us to let go of emotional baggage also. So for example, when we say “don’t worry about it, I am over it” and then it resurfaces 3 years later, then we have not let it go, then somewhere we have stored it in our bodies. Our neck and shoulders, our jaw if we grind our teeth, or hips…. In order to connect with the horses we have to first connect with ourself and that is what yoga allows us to do that. The horses allow us to take it one step further. They don’t judge, they simply reflect what we are feeling. If we are anxious, they will let us know. We need to be grounded and calm when working side by side these majestic beings. So we will begin with yoga, breath work and poses, where I will show you how to cope with everyday stresses and how to read your mindbody. We will then connect with the selected horses and understand them and what they bring up for us. It is quite an experience. It is not about getting on a horse and riding it is about the connection within the stillness. I will look at injuries and modify the classes according to each student without one another knowing. Some people suffer from depression or anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure or have had physical injuries such as mine. I have a neck injury that happened back in 96. I want to reintroduce horse lovers to themselves and guide each one in sacred manner of connection, living, and learning:) I do hope you will attend. Please do not hesitate to ask any others or feel free to call me:)
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Dream Catcher Yoga

Weave thru your life in a mystical awakening of our dream to living experience. Celebration of our Pink Moon, dream catcher creation, followed my yoga in The Enchanted Cottage.
Please bring a nut free dish to snack on afterwards
Fee is $35, space is limited.
Tuesday, April 18th, 2017




Mindful Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Integration Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers, Barn Owners or Managers, Equestrians with Jim of Bar T Horsemanship
Click Here to learn More

Dates: November 11th & 12th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 8-5pm
Fee $850



Self Preservation through Gratitude w/ Claudia

Understanding the gift of Thanks. A moment to step into the self and give Thanks through guided movement and writings where we can surrender to the gifts of living with one another. A walk in the forest and stream on the paper and a feeling of love. Bring your own journal and water. Dress in comfortable hiking attire, bring water.

Saturday, November 19th
Fee $30