From non violence to Deepak to Imposter Syndrome. Claudia & Summer brainstorm and converse about all kinds of things and who is really entitled to teach what. Is it possible to reinvent the wheel?

Becca has Questions
Summers Asks Questions
& Claudia has answers


Summer & Claudia chat about how to admire others by not putting them on a make believe pedestal and acknowledging that you have their same qualities in yourself. They are just a reminder to you of what you are capable of. Claudia introduces her a bit of her SPINE Academia scene.


Claudia shares about speaking her truth with no regrets.
Silence and solitude during Covid times and getting to know oneself.
A priceless gift



Duplication of Corruption.
By understanding the Wisdom of the past can we move into an enlightened society.
But are you consciously choosing to corrupt yourself?


Sarah interviews current Yoga Teacher Trainee Rebecca. This is Rebecca’s 2nd chance to do yoga teacher training. She shares why she wasn’t able to complete her prior training due to an unexpected loss. She shares why she chose y Respira and talks about what drew her to our training program.
It is about Students guiding the practice and teaching strategies, not a method but teaching student’s how to follow their written paths by honoring their truths.


How do you need feedback? Do you need to be coddled? Do you need sandwiched feedback? How does your ego and intellect play a role on your ability to learn and be the best you?
All things discussed by these 2 ladies. Claudia & Sarah elaborate on their perspectives…. and so does Victoria.

After Sarah left from her interview it hit her hard and she realized she just relived 2 years of trauma and shared it in 90 minutes. She knew there were only 2 options for her. She could either spiral down the rabbit hole of losing herself in her attachments to her lost love or she could travel down a new road. Listen and she shares where she is today with all of this.


Sarah shares her story of falling unexpectedly in love and struggling thru the storm of her loved one’s addiction. Sarah cries, laughs, and breathes thru her journey of re-learning how to put her love and energy into healing herself after Daniel’s death. By diving deep into confusion and sadness during Yoga Teacher Training, she has discovered and re discovered her way to herself.



Claudia chats about why they chose to take the Waldorf approach in schooling their creation.
Nature, Temperaments, Leading with the Heart.

Claudia discusses 4 of her favorite books or authors.
Maktub is Arabic for “It is Written”
Listen as how it is written plays out in the end with the chance poem that she selected from one of her favorites:)


Here Claudia shares her thoughts on why she encourages Victoria to enjoy quiet time. How she learned to appreciate silence along with connecting with her authentic self and how foreign it is for her husband who’s really active in all kinds of external things while he was growing up.