Reiki with Claudia

Reiki is a Japanese modality that has been practiced for over 2,000 years. Reiki is a powerful healing practice which can benefit all aspects of life. By working to balance the energy within one’s energetic body, it stimulates the body’s own healing capacities, and increases energy and vitality. It can relieve pain, reduce stress, and relax body and mind. Some compare reiki to acupuncture, however, instead of needles, the practitioner uses a “laying on of hands” technique to heal in a state of meditative, spiritual Presence.

Reiki assists in removing the damns of energy that have been created by individuals hoarding onto emotions, experiences, disease, and stresses. Reiki is the energy that surrounds and fuels us in our daily lives. It is not the personal energy of the practitioner, but an endless supply of healing energy provided by the Universe that moves thru the treatment.  During a Reiki treatment, you are fully clothed. Claudia’s hands rest for several minutes at designated positions on your head, upper chest, abdomen, moving all along the Chakras.  Claudia will also incorporate the use of Sage or Palo Santo to clear your space before, after, during your treatment, along with her Sunstone pendulum to fine tune your Reiki Session.

 Please contact Claudia by phone at 919.633.8999

Reiki Sessions are $60 per session (45-60min)