Horse & Yoga Retreat right here in your back yard.

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Horse & Yoga Integration

Yoga is meant to connect mind body using breath work. The poses allow us to release stuff we have physically hoarded into our bodies. They allow us to let go of emotional baggage also. So for example, when we say “don’t worry about it, I am over it” and then it resurfaces 3 years later, then we have not let it go, then somewhere we have stored it in our bodies. Our neck and shoulders, our jaw if we grind our teeth, or hips…. In order to connect with the horses we have to first connect with ourself and that is what yoga allows us to do that. The horses allow us to take it one step further. They don’t judge, they simply reflect what we are feeling. If we are anxious, they will let us know. We need to be grounded and calm when working side by side these majestic beings. So we will begin with yoga, breath work and poses, where I will show you how to cope with everyday stresses and how to read your mindbody. We will then connect with the selected horses and understand them and what they bring up for us. It is quite an experience. It is not about getting on a horse and riding it is about the connection within the stillness. I will look at injuries and modify the classes according to each student without one another knowing. Some people suffer from depression or anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure or have had physical injuries such as mine. I have a neck injury that happened back in 96. I want to reintroduce horse lovers to themselves and guide each one in sacred manner of connection, living, and learning:) I do hope you will attend. Please do not hesitate to ask any others or feel free to call me:) I can also provide references if you would like.


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Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Connection.
What you will take from the experience – 

  • Confidence
  • An understanding of the importance of our relationships to animals
  • An awakened awareness of the importance of self-inventory (or self-reflection
  • Trust
  • Self respect
  • Willingness to let go – Surrender
  • Better understanding of the connection with breath, mind, & body
  • The ability to listen and connect with nature
  • Letting go of fear
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • The ability to stay present with the moment
  • Reining in thoughts in order to re-balance and reignite both mind and body while being challenged at the same time
  • The ability to feel your selected horse’s energy and how their energy plays a role in the experience

By Reservation.
@ Bar T Horsemanship
730 Pete Thomas Rd (36.47 mi)
Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


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Claudia’s Story

Having suffered from a horse fall on the neck in 1996,  I lost my cervical curve in my spine, but have brought it back 5 degrees with yoga and mindfulness and plan on helping to realign it more. I was nervous about getting back on a horse, even though I loved them and they were a part of my spirit. in 2003 I asked my chiropractor Beth w/ Sunshine Chiropractic in Ft. Lauderdale who had the best spine, bc at the age of 23 I had the spine of a 45 year young. She quickly said yoga teachers. That was one reason I got back into yoga. I never looked back. When I opened up the studio in 2009 I decided to guide in the teaching of Hatha Yoga and to focus on injuries, mental, physical, emotional. And I absolutely love it.
In 2009 I met Melanie with Friendship Stables reintroduced me to horses. I was even planning on leasing a horse named Alex. Shortly after I was expecting Victoria and I put it off for awhile. When Victoria was 2 I reconnected with Melanie and Victoria and my mom had a chance to see me ride bareback at Melanie’s location. Melanie is a very supportive and encouraging teacher. I am so grateful. As a new momma my time seemed full and I decided to put connecting with a horse on hold. In February of 2016 I we decided to mix yoga and horses for the season of Spring. I have learned so much and plan on learning more. I am also grateful for the Season of Spring. In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the emotion of moving forward and it is passion that allows the weeds to pop through cement. Spring was the beginning of moving forward with my passion of horses and yoga. Summer is the emotion of growth and I am looking forward to the next journey of growing and combining these 2 worlds all around the triangle. Mental, Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional connections between yoga and horses. My goal is to cater to injuries as I do  in the yoga studio here in Raleigh but alongside selective horses in group settings. I love being able to bring the breath to people that love horses, love yoga, and most of all love learning about themselves and healing from injuries, physical, mental, emotional.
I so look forward to meeting you.