Discover the Exceptional Benefits of Yoga in Raleigh, North Carolina
The studio is a charming little Moon Cottage called La Casita.

Address will be sent by email upon completion of reservation.
Private location near Atlantic/ Spring Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27615
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We are NO longer at Alpinis Dr or Fayetteville St.



We would like you to know that it would be our privilege to introduce you to the countless benefits yoga has to offer to all who choose to attain them. Please contact us today to begin your personal quest towards the greater health, serenity of mind, and spiritual enlightenment that will elevate your life’s journey to the high road it was always meant to travel.

We are located in a private neighborhood in North Raleigh Near Millbrook High School. If you are interested in taking a class, please reserve your space online at Once your class has been reserved you will recieve confirmation along with address. Space in the classes are limited and there is a 24 hr. cancellation policy. We focus on many injuries and like to keep the atmosphere intimate and not intimidating. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Namaste.

Please call us at 919-633-8999 or email us using the contact form below. No Texts.